Basics of Web Development

Hello Everyone!!!

In my previous article I explained you how to code HTML to create the structure of your website. In this article you will learn to code CSS to build the appearance of your website. Readability and Appearance are most important when you develop a website. Users get their first impression about the website by the appearance. So you have to design your website with user friendly design compact and stylish appearance.

If you are a beginner to web development, please read my first article on HTML before you learn CSS. …

Basics of Web Development

Hello Everyone!!!

This is my first article in Medium. Today I am going to talk about Basics of Web Development. If you are a beginner in web development, you will be amazed at how websites are created and how they interact with users. Creating a professional website is not an easy task for beginners. You need to learn HTML and CSS as the first step on your path to creating a website. This is the best guide, you can learn to code HTML and CSS..

Let’s start our journey..

What is a website?

First you need to get an idea about what is a…

Dilki Wijesinghe

Undergraduate of University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Information Technology

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